Tim O'Connor, PhD

Timothy O’Connor, PhD

Mahlon Powell Professor of Philosophy
Indiana University

Dr. Timothy O’Connor is the Mahlon Powell professor of philosophy and a core member of the Cognitive Sciences Program at Indiana University. He has taught there since 1993 (serving as chairman 2006-12), apart from visiting research fellowships at the Universities of Notre Dame, St. Andrews, and Oxford and an appointment as a distinguished professor at Baylor University. His main areas of scholarship are metaphysics, philosophy of mind/cognitive science, and philosophy of religion. He has published over 90 scholarly articles and reviews and two monographs, “Persons and Causes: The Metaphysics of Free Will” and “Theism and Ultimate Explanation.” He has also edited and contributed to six other books on the philosophy of mind and action; ‘emergent’ or ‘top-down’ forms of explanation in the sciences; and the epistemology of religious belief. He lectures widely, having given 194 academic lectures in 23 countries. He is currently a member of a sixteen-person international team of philosophers and neuroscientists investigating the neuroscience of free will.

Dr. O’Connor received his PhD in philosophy from Cornell University in 1992. He is now writing a textbook on the philosophy of religion.