Conference Goals

The 2021 Conference Goals are to:

  • Unite people and promote a culture of encounter (build bridges) to stimulate an open dialogue and encourage an interdisciplinary approach to tackle major health care challenges around the globe. This is consistent with the mission of the Pontifical Council of Culture to enrich the human experience by bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and religions and advocating for the vulnerable.
  • To fulfill the Pope’s teaching expressed in Laudato Si’, that we must facilitate conversation and “a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. (…) which includes everyone,” LS 14.
  • Translate complex science into an accessible language to catalyze the conversation and inform the general public on the progress in the rapidly advancing medical science toward cures of many intractable diseases and the financial, social and societal implications of its success.
  • Examine the mind, body and soul interaction and discuss what it means to be human, and how transformative medical technologies are raising new challenges around human enhancement and the interpretation of the mind-body-soul.
  • Explore the field of neuro-cognitive sciences in reference to traditional ideas about consciousness, human identity and our uniqueness.
  • Discuss the effects of emerging medical technologies and their anthropological, ethical, cultural, religious and societal implications.
  • Inspire people to be more empathic, caring and helpful to one another.
  • Initiate the global Unite to Prevent campaign and promote preventative measures to reduce cancer, inflammation, cardiometabolic syndrome, and communicable and non-communicable diseases and emphasize healthier communities, prevention through education.
  • Discuss holistic approaches to disease treatments and the mental and emotional aspects of chronic diseases.
  • Continue the global Unite to Cure campaign to promote access to care and accelerate collaborations to develop novel treatments with the ultimate goal of advancing cures and improving human health.
  • Forge new public-private-academic partnerships to deal with major health issues and support sustainable communities.
  • Explore how new technology, data and artificial intelligence can improve and extend health care.
"Panoramic shot of the St Peter's Square built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in Vatican City, Rome, Italy"