The Helmsley Charitable Trust Grant

Project Executive Summary

Helmsley’s grant supports Cura’s Fifth International Vatican Conference – Exploring the Mind, Body and Soul – How innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health. Helmsley believes that a whole-person approach is imperative to improving health outcomes for people with type 1 diabetes and all chronic diseases.

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The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust is a global philanthropy committed to helping people live better lives today and creating stronger, healthier futures for individuals and communities. Our Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Program is dedicated to helping the global T1D community live safer, better, and more fulfilling lives today while funding advancements in research and technology for a better tomorrow.

T1D is an autoimmune disease, and the only one requiring day-to-day management that includes regular dosing decisions with a drug (insulin) that can cause death. It’s a lifelong condition that poses significant burdens on individuals, their loved ones, and on health systems in the United States and around the world. Current access to care and existing therapies falls short of easing these burdens, and incrementalism is not an option. Helmsley invests in ideas that have the potential for significant impact. We embrace high-risk efforts, led by dedicated leaders who will be partners and share our vision.

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