Goran Hansson, MD, PhD

Göran K. Hansson, MD, PhD

Professor of Experimental Cardiovascular Research, Karolinska Institute and
Secretary General, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Dr. Göran Hansson received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Gothenburg University in Sweden. He has worked at the University of Washington, Gothenburg University and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hansson is currently professor of cardiovascular research at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Hansson´s research deals with mechanisms of atherosclerosis, the disease that causes myocardial infarction and stroke. His discovery of immune activation in atherosclerotic lesions helped in introducing inflammation as a major pathogenetic mechanism in atherosclerosis. He is currently working on immune-based prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Hansson is the secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, vice chairman of the board of directors of the Nobel Foundation and a member of the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute. He is also a member of Academia Europaea and has received several awards for his contributions to medicine.